Access Systems & Devices

Access Control Systems limit personnel or vehicle access to areas of a facility or its grounds, allowing only authorized entry into restricted areas. All systems are operated with user friendly  software that allows the administrator to manage remotely from any computer.

Integrity Gates & Access Control Corp. specializes in the Design, Integration, Installation and Service of the most sophisticated access systems.

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Types of Access Systems


transpondertransponder stickerTransponder: (similar to Sun-Pass) Used primarily for vehicle access. Entry devices are available in transferable tags and cards.  For added security, you may want to consider non-transferable windshield and headlamp stickers.




Proximity Reader: Multi-functional access system for vehicle and doors.  Entry devices are available in Cards and Fobs.





barcode stickerBar Code Reader: Used primarily for vehicle access. Stickers are placed on a side window of a vehicle. Stickers cannot be duplicated or copied and are non-transferable.




Transmitter: (Clickers) Used primarily for vehicle access.  Transmitters are available in one to four buttons, providing  the ability to open multiple gates individually.




biometric-readerBio Metrics Reader: (reads finger prints) Multi -functional access system for vehicle and doors




Access Software Includes:


rail20Site Mapping: Shows which door or gate is being accessed in real time and records the date, time and user for later reference.



Video Surveillance: Security cameras acamera picre placed in strategic locations to capture the individual or vehicle attempting access. When incorporated with the “Badging” portion of the software,  a picture of each user assures that the person attempting  access is the same.



prox card
Card Badging: A  picture is taken of each individual permitted access.  The picture is permanently printed onto the “access card” and is also stored in the access software.  Badging is used to identify the individual either in person or by the software.



Telephone Entry Systems:   A simple yet secure way to allow visitors to access a property.  The unit is connected to a phone line. The administrator of the “access system” will enter the residence name.  A three to four digit code is assigned and will appear next to the resident’s name on the telephone entry unit.  When the guest enters the assigned code,  it will dial the resident.  If the resident permits access, pushing #6 or #9 on their phone, the gate or door will immediately open.


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